Our Practices
Health & Wellness
QuikRelations's Health & Wellness practice drives understanding and demand among consumers, patients, healthcare professionals and decision makers, for products, services and technological advances that lead to longer, healthier lives. Our Health & Wellness expertise serves:
  • Pharma
  • Biotech
  • Consumer Health
  • Public Health
  • Nutrition
  • Fitness
Corporate & Public Trust
QuikRelations builds corporate reputation, brand-loyalty and trust for corporations, brands and institutions among their most important stakeholders, consumers and constituents. QuikRelations builds corporate reputation, brand loyalty and trust between our clients and their stakeholders, viz., consumers and constituents. QuikRelations Corporate & Public Trust expertise includes:
  • Corporate reputation
  • Executive thought leadership
  • Executive Visibility
  • Employee engagement
  • Change management
  • Public affairs
  • Investor relations Crisis and issues
  • Communications
  • CSR
  • Internal Communications
Consumer Connections
QuikRelations adds passion to your brand and results to your bottom line. We believe in the power of brands and everything that they represent. Speaking with a consistent voice, we build interest and anticipation for both new and existing products. QuikRelations's Consumer Connections practice builds interest in new and existing products, and helps our clients create, connect and get a head start on today's trends. QuikRelations's areas of expertise includes a cross-section of industries, including:
  • Food and Beverage
  • Entertainment and sports marketing
  • Travel and Economic Development
  • Multicultural and image marketing
  • Automotive
  • Fashion Beauty Retail
  • Luxury goods services
Social Media Promotion
Two-way conversation is where QuikRelations shines. Our understanding of messaging, audience intent and platforms intersect to best engage specific audiences through various channels, creating an integrated approach to your social media activities. Our team of passionate storytellers is committed to helping companies develop and tell their stories through digital and traditional media. QuikRelations has experience developing strategic communications programs for companies large and small, from enterprise to consumer. Wherever you are in your company lifecycle, we can help with:
  • Corporate messaging and positioning
  • Digital media relations synced with traditional media approach
  • Website design and redesign
  • Social media strategy
  • Product launches and awareness programmes
  • Creating & managing online communities